12th JULY from 5pm



Why The World Needs Psychopaths, and why we’re all obsessed with True Crime.


Xanthe Mallett, a forensic anthropologist & criminologist on stage with Jan Fran, journalist & presenter, in conversation about all things True Crime & Psychopaths.

Did you binge on Dirty John? Stay up all night listening to Serial? Call your friends to discuss Teacher’s Pet? Are you, like us, a True Crime tragic? Forensic Anthropolgost Xanthe Mallett will answer all your questions about the nature of psychopaths, why the world actually needs them, how to spot them, and why most of them won’t try to kill you.

The conversation will be followed by a meet & greet with Xanthe and a book signing for her book “Mothers Who Murder”.

Join us for the second event in the Institute of Interesting Ideas Winter Series, Kiama. Tickets from $55


Xanthé is internationally renowned for her work across several areas of research related to both forensic anthropology and criminology.

Xanthe is a Scottish forensic anthropologist, criminologist and television presenter. She specialises in human craniofacial biometrics and hand identification, and behaviour patterns of paedophiles, particularly online. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

From fresh crime scenes and natural disasters through to ancient cold cases and cyber crime, Xanthé is determined to uncover what occurred and maximize dignity for both deceased victims and those left behind.


Jan Fran was best described by a very drunk lady in the line to the toilet at a music festival once as “that lady who talks about politics on the internet.”

She also happens to be a journalist and TV presenter who has shot and produced documentaries from all over the world for SBS.

Jan co-hosts The Feed on SBSVICELAND, guest-hosts The Project and is the host of the podcasts, Sexism and the City and The Few Who Do.

She appears regularly as a commentator on The ABC and Sky. She was a 2018 Walkley finalist for Women’s Leadership in Media and is an ambassador for Plan International where she advocates for women and girls.

Jan has lived in Lebanon, France, Bangladesh and Uganda and speaks three languages, all of them terribly.

Jan’s guilty pleasure is ‘true crime’ even though she pretends it isn’t. If there’s a true crime podcast or a documentary, odds are she’s listened to it, seen it or read the Wikipedia entry for it. Jan once binged an entire season of Swindled in one and a half days, which in hindsight was not a healthy thing to do. Jan will listen to literally anything about con artists.