21st November – from 5pm


An evening of intimate discussion, on stage at The Pavilion Kiama, with award winning food writer and TV personality, Matt Preston about all things moreish…more enjoyment, more adventure and Matt’s new book “More”.

The conversation will be followed by an intimate meet & greet with Matt and a book signing.

Join us for this spring event in Kiama brought to you by the Institute of Interesting Ideas. 


Matt Preston is Australia’s foremost authority on delicious and achievable food, thanks to his role as co-host and mentor on MasterChef Australia and his column in News Ltd’s Taste food section that appears weekly around Australia.

For the past decade Matt Preston has been introducing millions of Australians to the joys of simple tasty cooking every week. He does this through his role as co-host and mentor on MasterChef Australia and also in his column in News Ltd’s Taste food section that appears weekly in the Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, Courier Mail, Adelaide Advertiser, The Mercury and the Sunday Times in Perth, taking classics and adding a twist, showing you how to shamelessly cheat your way to brilliant meals, and how to bring a little snap and crackle to the everyday.


This is a book of delicious recipes, starring vegetables, with more of everything: more flavour, more texture, more colour.

Maybe you want to eat more vegetables, or less meat, or try cooking some tasty vegan meals to broaden your repertoire and still put a broad smile on the faces of those you are feeding?

Maybe you want save money or the environment by eating more plant-based meals, or maybe you just want to keep the vegan or vego in the family happy at dinnertime without having to cook two meals?

Maybe you just want to enjoy a meat-free Monday every so often and don’t want to feel like you’re missing out?

Here are over 100 recipes full of vibrant colours and flavours that celebrate the pure, unadulterated pleasure that food can give you. All the recipes are vegetarian or vegan – but if you decide you’d like to add a little bacon or a slab of fish, we’re not going to wag a finger. We’ve even included a separate cooking guide for your meaty add-ons.

Gone are the grey-meat-and-potatoes menus of the past. Each of these recipes capture the happiness that good food can bring. More combines Matt’s passion for simple, hearty recipes with his love of the humble veggie to bring the whole family to the table for a delicious meal.